Lexus LX Motor Trend Comparison: Lexus LX vs Mercedes G-Class vs Jeep Wrangler vs Land Rover Discovery


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The GX is better suited for trail use so this imaginary exercise at least gives you confidence that the old dog can hang with the others. Most Lexus owners don’t want to take their LX off road and scratch em up. The beast weighs 3 tons! Try getting out to push that...

The GX is also old in the tooth and has a very advantageous lease right now. It is the only remaining touchscreen Navigation which is to be coveted. Off road it uses KDSS to increase vertical wheel travel and keep its paws in contact with the trail. On road it limits body tilt on curves so you get the best of both worlds.

The GX and LX are survivors in many ways and give little problems because they are built for heavy duty. The LX was tested in Baja racing and won its class three times. Most off roading is at low speeds so you get crawl control for steep descents and over mogul terrain. They are both amused at snow. They are comfortable. They are v8’s with torque. They are smooth. Russian Oligarchs love LX570’s in white or black so those colors hold better value at auction.


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I thought it was a pretty unique and fair review. Haven't taken the LX offroad but I know it can!