MKV Toyota Supra Master Thread (2021 gets power bump + 4cyl model)





Videos such as this, along with SG's own Supra video, and various other opinion pieces from online publications, leaves me all so very torn on the Supra. In recounting with my own experience, I know for a fact it's because I've sat in so few cars, let alone driven those very cars, but sitting in the Supra, I felt its interior was special. Nevermind the switchgear, that point is beaten to death, but much like the other sports cars people admire, think Miata, or S2000, the generally simple geometry all around, and relatively empty cabin and center console imparted me an impression that it was less concerned with coddling me in amenities and more concerned with reducing as much in-cabin distraction as it reasonably could, so that I could focus on what was actually important, rolling those four wheels onto pavement and driving like there's no tomorrow. On a similar note, however, I felt similar impression in the LC 500 when I had a chance to get in the seat of one, just now with the impression that it no longer needs to compromise comfort and style for the sake of driving enjoyment, which I wholeheartedly welcomed.
Yet I'm being led to believe that the Supra is unpredictable, un-engaging on the street, and lacking character that other vehicles seem to have in spades, which at this point I have to question what 'character' is at this point. Is it steering feel? Everyone loves the LC despite complaints regarding a lack of steering feel. Going back to the S2k, it's notorious for being equally numb, yet it's also lauded as a fantastic driver's car. Dynamics? It's capable of going into oversteer and its suspension is not dissimilar to other setups that have been proven to be very competent, and fun for that matter. Those that have stuck with the car long enough seem to really enjoy the balancing act played out in the corners, and its ability to power-slide with ease. Powertrain? It's not Lexus' sonorus V8, but I've heard it on the streets, it's not bland, modded exhausts see to do well in giving it better definition, and well, I quite like the turbo noises that I've managed to pick up every now and then from listening to it on the streets as well. I love this car as much as I do the LC 500, but this seeming lack of emotion and character that I've been reading and hearing about frequently is leaving me very confused and doubting my own experience and thoughts about it. To be honest it's leaving me less enthused about sports cars, and more attracted to the GT since it just seems like I'd be happier with one of those if what's being said about the Supra is true. I've never been a numbers guy as far as cars are concerned, but I might just have to stomach that $40k price difference to aim for the LC over a Supra (oor just buy a used RC F for that matter).

Edit: I just want to add this since I had to think over it a little more. I'm still dead set on an LC, but this burning question lingers in my mind as to why a good chunk of people still didn't like the Supra, as SG noted in his video. And well, the most I could ever conclude to at the moment, is nostalgia. The new Supra is every bit a tuner car as the old one, but for people, that wasn't enough, I suppose. It had to be alot like the old one for it to ever live up to alot of folks' expectations. To that end, I feel alot of people who liked the old one as is would have a greater affinity to the LC than to the new Supra, comfortable, arguably more fun on account of a thundering motor, and competent chassis in of itself, and well, now as I'm typing this, I think I answered my own other question as to what character is. I feel like I'm going in circles at this point, and well, what you have here is a snapshot of my incessant daily ramblings, so to whoever went out of their way to read this, I appreciate ya bearing with me to this point. 😅😅😅
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I want the diehard A80 fanboys with the mental age of a 12 year old to go drive and live with the A40, the true OG Supra and see how much they like it🤣. It's time to throw away those rose tinted glasses and snap back to reality.

Ian Schmidt

I like the A80 (when I got my first job one of my coworkers had a '95 with the manual, and it was a fantastic car), but it looks more outlandish every year and it's just been done to death. I prefer the less outrageous looking A60 and A70.


I want the diehard A80 fanboys with the mental age of a 12 year old to go drive and live with the A40, the true OG Supra and see how much they like it🤣. It's time to throw away those rose tinted glasses and snap back to reality.
Probabmy right, but the A90 is only a good car with a BMW badge. At the end it is a BMW Z4 Coupé, which is a good car, probably BMW's best, but definitely does not have the image a Toyota is supposed to be. It is not a question about which is better, A80 or A90, but which is a Toyota, and the answer definitely is A80, even if it is worse, and that is what counts for many Supra fans, it being a Toyota.