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Just thought I'd give out a few stray thoughts on my RC F. I've had it a little over a month now.

First, let me say, I'm not expert driver nor do I know all the technical terms for everything. I can tell you how the car feels and my impressions of it.

This is my daily driver. I'm 56, single. I do have a girlfriend. We are in it a lot together. Oh, I'm nearly 6', and weigh 200 pounds. So I'm about average in terms of fitting into the car. It is a little harder getting into than the IS F I traded in for the RC F. Once your inside, it's very comfortable. You can travel in it, an all day trip and not feel tired. Most of the switches are easy to reach. The center screen could be larger, but I had been used to the small screen in the IS F, so this one appears slightly bigger. It takes a little getting used to, but the "mouse" pad works fine after playing with it for a while. I have sat in the back seats. They are tight. Probably would not want to make a long trip sitting back there. For short hauls, they can get you by. The trunk actually looks a bit larger than the IS F. That was always a shortcoming to me with it. May be just how it's packaged.

In terms of performance, you can see in the picture, I did not get the performance package. The RC F may be slightly faster than the IS F was in a straight line. It would be very close. It's when the road is not in a straight line where the RC F shines over the IS F. My impression is they are not close. And I loved my IS F. In the curves, use the Sport + mode, if your out on the interstate, leave it in Sport mode. Normal is ok around town and I have even flipped into Eco mode.

The car is a head turner. I never buy a car to impress someone else. The only person it needs to impress and look good to, is me. Having said that, everybody looks at it. My girlfriend and I were at a Steak n Shake, and a guy drives up beside it. Gets out, walked all around it, then left! That's all he wanted was to look at the RC F.

One last thing, to me at least, Lexus is all about the overall ownership experience. I loved my IS F. It was a wonderful automobile. It was 5 years old and had 80000 miles on it. It was my daily driver. The car run just as good as the day I bought it. It looked just as good. People looked at it. I never had one problem with it. I hit a large pot hole and ruined a front rim. But that was my fault, not the cars. I came out of a series of GM cars that were to put it politely, junk. I'll never buy another GM product again. My experience with Lexus and the dealer I use has been super. Hey, I'm just a little guy, but they make me feel important.