Lexus GX Just purchased 2016 GX this week

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Always wanted one. This will be the vehicle we keep for more than the usual keep-period of others (2 years). I look forward to loving this GX long time. I was concerned about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. So I sprung for the life-time certified warranty from the Lexus dealer. It will move to Maine with us in 2.5 years. A most beautiful SUV.
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Good luck leased mine 2 months ago I hope they keep the GX and update the interior.

Hello and welcome to the both of you to Lexus Enthusiast! Congrats on your new SUV @rarmelin! The GX is an excellent choice of a vehicle for the long term. It is one of the unsung heroes for Lexus, this month around 2500 GX's being sold.

@Zulu Despite some rumors that the GX would go away, there has been news that a third generation GX will come by around 2020. With their new TNGA-F platform, updated interior/infotainment/engine/drivetrain/transmission will definitely come by and will be brought to Lexus' high standards.


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Congratulations rarmelin and Zulu! I also have a GX (2014) and love it! The GX isn't going away and look forward to the 3GX.

I think Lexus should expand the GX line to include a 2 row GX and F Sport trims as well (this would increase sales and more choices for the people).

GX (2 row)
GX (3 row)