Sponsor *Group Buy - Beat-Sonic Navigation/DVD in Motion Module for 2013+ Lexus -$109

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Dear Lexus Enthusiast Members,

Our group buy has ended on the NDS6223EP!

Please PM me for Special Forum Pricing.


We have developed a better solution utilizing our already seamless operation of Navigation and DVD bypass by eliminating the use of an external separate button. The new design bypass module will bypass the DVD system at all times. In addition, the OEM Navigation will be bypassed by pressing a sequence of volume buttons on the steering wheel switch (up, down, up, down). Having the DVD bypassed at all times will benefit the driver to use the turn by turn navigation in the background while the DVD is playing for the passengers.

Information about the Beat-Sonic Navigation and DVD Bypass Module:
Click here for the Product Link

System: 100% Plug and play kit from Beat-Sonic for allowing use of factory features that would be locked out during vehicle movement.

These plug and play module kits allow override of the lock out system equipped in your factory TV or Navigation/DVD system when the vehicle is in motion. Due to the fact that no modification is needed on the factory harness and this is 100% plug and play, it is easily reversible to the original factory specs without showing any signs that this modification was ever made.

This bypass module is programmable where the override of the navigation lock out can be switched off automatically in a specified time (2, 3, 4 minutes or constant) after the bypass is engaged.

Once the button is engaged, the module tricks the factory navigation system to thinking that it is at a stop and enables the use of all the controls including the navigation address input, POI, blue-tooth contacts, mp3 music select, etc. When the button is depressed, the vehicle will return to its normal state and will take couple of seconds to refresh the correct vehicle location on the map. This module will also bypass the DVD during vehicle movement for car models with a DVD Player and is always active. Navigation may be used in the background while the DVD is playing.

- All models below with OEM Navigation only. For models without a factory DVD player, the unit is still compatible and will still unlock features that lock out when the vehicle is in motion. This unit is not compatible to models without OEM Navigation.

2013+ Lexus CT 200h
2013+ Lexus GS 350
2013+ Lexus GS 450h
2014+ Lexus GX 460
2013+ Lexus LS 460
2013+ Lexus LS 600h L
2013+ Lexus LX 570
2013+ Lexus RX 350
2013+ Lexus RX 450h
2013+ Lexus ES 350
2013+ Lexus ES 300h
2013+ Lexus IS 250
2013+ Lexus IS 350
2015+ RC-F
2015+ RC 350
2015+ NX 200t
2015+ NX 200h
2014+ GX 460


- 1 year from the date of receipt.

Chance to get yours for free!
As a bonus, we will also be giving away 1 unit for free! For a chance to win, after you purchase this product and install it on your vehicle, leave a review of the product somewhere on LE (can be on an existing thread or a new thread) and link it back to me. You will then be entered into a drawing. The winner will receive a credit back to your original payment on the full purchase price! The random drawing will be facilitated at Beat-Sonic at the end of November!

Installation Video on 2013+ Lexus GS models:

Demo Video:

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I'll take one. Please add me to the list. Thanks
Please PM with the following information:
- Please title the PM "NDS6223EP Group Buy"
- Email Address: This is where you will receive your paypal invoice on October 15.
- Delivery Address City and State only: For example, "La Mirada, CA" (Full delivery address will be entered during purchase checkout.)
- Vehicle year and mode: As a reminder, this unit is not compatible to models without OEM NAV!
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List updated and all PMs replied to. Thanks for getting the word out! just 2 more to the next price level and 12 more to the $109 level!