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Hi there everyone,

As the next step in the Lexus Enthusiast site redesign, we have reorganized the forums into a more logical format. Let's go over the changes:
  • Gone is the underused Lexus Lifestyle forum, replaced by an Off-Topic forum for random conversations. The focus here is still Lexus, but we're all friends here -- it will be nice to have a place for general discussion.
  • Maybe a bit controversial, but we have broken Toyota discussions out of The Garage forum and into its own dedicated area. After Lexus, Toyota is the most popular topic here, and some of our most active threads are about the mother brand.
  • Lastly, Lexus model discussions have been moved up under the main Lexus Lounge. This is purely organizational.
Next up is fixing the user levels -- bringing back the car badges, adjusting the user titles, and updating the moderators.

Thanks for your patience,