Cheap Upgrade....New Thrill

Enjoying the RX 350
So here it is....
In looking for led lights for the interior I came across courtesy welcome ghost shadow lights (puddle lights) by OXILAM
its just a complete module swap out with laser light shining the Lexus Logo on the ground!
Really a show off at night & I've gotten so many compliments.
Pros: Easy to install just snap out the courtesy light assembly and snap in the new 2pc per set for left and right doors.
LED so it will be use less battery power and runs a lot cooler.
Con: Not as bright in the interior as regular courtesy lamp but not bad after all it's for night time.

I bought two kits, one for the front and rear at the staggering price of around $30.00 US dollars

Also change out the 3 rear cargo incandescent light with standard cool white LED light

Update: New clearer puddle lights video that matches the logo on the OXILAM model, that I installed.
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