Car-Rental Reservation Frustrations


This video is's from the old Jerry Seinfeld show. Have any of you ever had the old Bait-and-Switch routine on a car-reservation? If so, you will enjoy this:



This reminds me of something in the news a few months ago about a student in Montreal who reserved a U-Haul truck to move to Toronto, 540 km (~340 miles) away. There was a reservation but the vehicle had not been assigned to him (whatever that means). He had to find another available truck, which ended up being 292 kilometres (over 180 miles) outside of Montreal -- all out of pocket, of course.

The story follows... and it includes the same video embedded above.

Sam Everitt was well prepared for his move from Montreal to Toronto. The Concordia master's student knew July 1 was Quebec's famous "moving day," when tens of thousands of rental leases expire across the province.

So he reserved his truck nearly four months in advance. He received reassuring emails from U-Haul about his "guaranteed" reservation.

But when Everitt showed up at the Montreal location to pick up his truck on the afternoon of June 30, staff told him there was no truck for him — and their explanation, he says, was baffling.

"I was in shock. I remember asking what the purpose of the reservation was? They told me that my truck was reserved for that location, but that it hadn't been assigned to me, whatever that means.

"I assumed that assigning the truck was their responsibility, not mine."

The issue has been around forever, and was even featured in an iconic episode of the NBC series Seinfeld which questioned when a reservation is a reservation.

As it turned out, the only truck available was some 292 kilometres [over 180 miles] northeast of Montreal, in La Tuque. The drive would take about three and a half hours each way.

His moving ordeal left him more than $400 out of pocket — for the rental car, gas and food — and sleepless for his drive to Toronto.


Honestly no real issues to report. Status helps a ton. Literally pull up, pick a car and leave. The only 2 issues I recall:
In Portland Sixt didn’t have the X5 ready as it was brand new. Waited like an hour. Luckily I wasn’t in a rush and they compensated gas.

In Orlando the Polestar wasn’t fully charged and luckily we made it to the hotel as we had a stop first on the other side of town.