Better late than never?

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Hey everyone,

As you may have guessed from my username, I'm a transplant from BMW-land, where life is high-maintenance. Last Saturday I picked up a silver 2001 GS430 from a private party, thinking it would be a beater I'd drive while fixing my always-breaking-but-spotless, six-speed Bimmer. I knew from the start that the exterior of the GS needed some love, whereas mechanically, it could have been built yesterday...

One drive was all it took. I knew I was selling that car as soon as I got this one home.

Somehow I've reached the age of 42...and I live to mod. I plan to fully overhaul the suspension within the next week or so. MAN I wish those L-tuned parts were still available. Someday....

Thanks for letting me in the door to this place šŸ™ƒ . I'll try not to abuse the upside-down smiley.
-- Nick

Here she is about three hours after I bought her, at my workplace. I tried not to laugh when the PO told me he'd put lock-lugs on those stock 16s...