Lexus LC Advice Needed.

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I need honest opinions on the LC500. I now own a C-7 Corvette. Beautiful car. I am 62 and I'm beginning to have minor back issues when I drive long distance in my vette. I am thinking of trading for a luxury/muscle car. The LC500 is the only car to me that matches what I'm looking for. My wife drives a ES350 LEXUS and the car is so comfortable on trips. So, can anyone tell me if the LC500 is comfortable on long trips? What is your overall opinion of the LC500? Is it like my Vette and hard to get in and out of? All thoughts are appreciated, this is a tough call for me.
Hello Hero, I also have some answers for you to add to your consideration list.
As I am a young 63, former Pilot (with back issues from an ejection seat argument), and absolute car lover, I think I can speak to your concerns from personal experiences. My LC500 is my 67th vehicle since the early 80's, so I have seat time in many different vehicles and brands.
I had been researching my "retirement" car for the last two years - I was close to obtaining a pre-owned CPO Porsche 911 Carrera, but I chose to test drive the LC500 as a benchmark. That test drive resulted in a beautiful white 2018 LC500 coming home with me.
My search was based upon a car that would accomplish ALL the following things:
1. Comfortable Long Distance Sports GT with enough space for self + Mrs + baggage for 1-2 week jaunts to cool locations with awesome roads.
2. Exceptional good looks that you do not see on every street corner - I wanted a stunningly good looking car, not a commonly seen model.
3. Reliable, beautifully constructed interior and exterior. The final car needed to work & go, all the time, and not be in the shop.
4. Affordable luxury: Relative to cost to obtain, it needed to be affordable for the next 8-10 years. This speaks to maintenance, not depreciation as I intend to pass this along to one of the boys when I am no longer driving as much.
5. Performance. Sound. Handling. I wanted it all.
The LC500 IS a long distance machine, regardless of 20 or 21" wheels. I have the 21s, as I can tell you they ARE comfortable. Run Flats are what they are, an insurance policy against being stranded, but they are so much better now than 10-15 years ago. I have a 2008 BMW retractible hardtop with them, and the original spec tires were not nearly as comfortable to drive with as the current Run Flats. As a bonus, the 21" Forged rims are very strong. Check the forged prices for a 911 or your Vettes, they are VERY $$$, and a bargain on the Lexus. I do suggest you buy the wheel/tire insurance when you get the car, you can negotiate the cost down - I went from the $1900 asking price to $1250 for 4 years coverage, cheap insurance when one tire runs $450-500. The additional warranties are all from Lexus, not a 3rd party.
The 500 is a LUX GT. The rear seats offer plenty of space for my soft bags, and the trunk is fine, as large as a 911, and more stylish IMO. Slightly faster cars are out there, but NONE of them will feel as comfortable after a day in the seat - the Porsche 911, Aston, Mercedes GTS and Jag are all in this league, but costing more and delivering less Lux, comfort, and in my opinion, performance as well. The suspension design on this car is space aged. It soaks up bad roads and rewards smooth ones. The very LONG wheelbase means the ride is very different from the lighter, smaller cars.
A faster 0-60 MPH may be one performance measure, as you know - it is not the whole story. Please Test drive the car on twisty roads, bad pavement, and smooth interstate and you will have a smile on your face when you finish. The feel/handling, and SOUNDS! All make for an awesome experience. The Vette with Sports exhaust can sound loud at times. The 911 can have the sport exhaust for a very steep $$. You can select the level of sound coming from the Lexus via the mode settings - from Economy to Sport and Sport +. One more word of advice. Find a just off -lease 2018 or 2019 that is Lexus L Certified. As a CPO car, mine had only 3000 miles, but had 3 years of warranty remaining. The CPO adds 2 more years of full Lexus warranty coverage, so I can drive mine for 5 years with no worries of any complex systems costing me a dime. It also includes maintenance for 4 service visits, a considerable savings. I even opted to add 3 additional years of full factory warranty for about half the $$ they wanted. This gives me the perfect vehicle to drive the heck out of. I intend to do big trips and miles for 5-10 years. My Only costs will be brakes/tires and fuel/insurance. Try that in a Vette, 911 , Jag or Aston. All will cost huge $$ for maintenance over the same time and distance. Good luck, and make sure you look in the mirror following your test drive, you will see a smile that is wide. Love mine. Bravo Lexus. Cheers, Cash in Washington.....
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I can't imagine a dealer saying the car is not comfortable on long trips. I sold my C7 Grand Sport in anticipation of the C8 and decided to move to an LC500 in the interim. I doubt I could ever go back to a Corvette after owning this amazing car. I bought a CPO with 3K miles in Pheonix and drove it home to Las Vegas. It was no doubt the most fun and comfortable four hour drive I've ever had.


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