Lexus ES Add spooler to ES350

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I purchased a 2020 Lexus es350 which did NOT have spooler VIN#58AEZ1B19LU058715. I want to add a spooler. Lexus dealership does not reflect part option under my VIN#. My body shop guy located under my VIN# a rear spooler US Built (my car built in US) Lexus Part #7687106916 and he can paint to match my Sunlight Green. However, there was also two trunk lid parts that were listed with same cost of $734.29: Trunk lid (for) w/spooler Part #6440106G00 and Trunk lid (for) w/o spooler Part #6440106F90. Lexus dealership said it "appears" the only difference between the two Trunk lid parts is that one has 4 predrilled holes but no assurances can be given. I do not plan on replacing my trunk lid so my body shop guy just wants to be assured that the spooler Part #7687106916 can be added my existing trunk lid Part #6440106F90 with the exception of drilling 4 holes to attach the spooler to the trunk lid. [Background info is that it "appears" spooler Part #7687106916 is for 2019 & 2020 es350 models.] Lexus dealership only recommendation was that to make sure the holes being drilled will not rust and they were not able to confirm that the spooler Part #7687106916 would definitely work on my existing trunk lid--> Part #6440106F90 Trunk Lid (for) w/o spooler. I am NOT interested in replacing my brand new #6440106F90 Trunk lid (for) w/o spooler with #640106G00 Trunk lid (for) w/spooler; I only want to add a spooler which will cost approx $400 (includes parts and labor). Anyone with experience adding a spooler on an es350 trunk lid that originally did not have a spooler or anyone with insight, thoughts, cautions?? Your time to respond appreciated. Terri

Additional notes: There is an assembly kit (template)--bolts and nuts also required. Not sure an assembly kit available for models after 2018.

Lexus Parts:
Spooler 7687106916
Trunk Lid (for) w/spooler 6440106G00
Trunk Lid (for) w/o spooler 6440106F90