5th Generation (2018+) Lexus LS 500 & LS 500h Megathread

Ali Manai

I think by kill off it would probably mean that the next gen might not immediately replace it like the crown s230 will be released almost 1.5 years after the discontinuation of s220


A lot of people have complimented the LS' handling chops, especially the revered Jason Cammisa. It would be a huge shame to see the 5LS go early and the LS nameplate gone in general. I saw that post too and Lexus would be making a grave mistake that I honestly don't think they're THAT stupid enough of making.

However I think we should stop perpetuating this rumor as I have reason to believe it's a hoax. I'm pretty sure there's some miscommunication here and we're getting the 6LS like we're expecting. Someone very special told me that the LS will get the attention it desperately needs in about 2 years. So stay tuned.

The ES cannot cover the spots of BOTH the GS and LS. A scalable RWD platform is a must at this point and I don't see any TNGA-K platform being able to fulfill the Lexus sedan lineup in its entirety, especially the upper end of the Lexus portfolio. The ES is a good car for what it is (as much as I hate what it has done to the GS), but it's not that good in order for it to be the only sedan that Lexus offers bar the IS. That notion is abjectly wrong and stupid. At that point then what's the incentive for Lexus to build a new RWD IS that is currently in development and is slated to release in 2025/2026 if the LS is dead?

Aside from knowing that a 6LS (or at the very least a refreshed 5LS) is happening, this Reddit post insinuates that there will be an "R" line of cars which absolutely makes no sense. The next thing that's wrong was that there was no "refreshed" RC F Track Edition or a new LC Inspiration Series like this post also alludes to. Finally, they specifically said that the LS500 is being discontinued, that doesn't mean the LS in general is getting discontinued. As I mentioned above, there's some gross miscommunication happening here and unless we get more verified insider information we should collectively take a step back and calm down.
That's odd, I saw this in early March:

"My general manager told us that the Lexus corporate people at the conference said, that the LS is probably going to be put on the back burner for a year maybe two but not killed.

Obviously this can change, but at least that’s what Lexus USA said last month (February 2023).

If this has changed, quite unfortunate. Both IS and LS have me concerned for my own reasons.

Typically with every new LS nameplate added per generation since the 4th gen, trademarks are filed well in advance of launch.

Although both LS 400 and LS 430 trademarks were filed very late in process, the LS 460, LS 460 L, and LS 600hL trademarks were filed in early 2005. February 28, 2005 IIRC for one of them.

Each vehicle was launched in the Americas on October 20, 2006 and July 2007 for LS 600hL. Reveals were January 8, 2006 and April 2006.

LS 500h and LS 500 trademarks were filed in May 2015 and August 2015 respectively. Launch was February 15, 2018, after reveal in January 2017.

IS 300 was filed for trademark in November 1997, before launch in July 2000. IS 200 came first, as they knew back in 1994 it was a Lexus and not only an Altezza during development.

Lexus tends to file these trademarks well in advance of production/launch, only in the most odd circumstances waiting until the very last minute. It's usually roughly 2-3 model years out from intro they do this.

Right now we're still in MY 2023 in most cases, so new filings for a redesign would be for 2026 models.

We should be seeing trademark filings by now for an updated 2026 LS that either goes BEV or PHEV.

If we're not seeing new filings, I find it suspect. Maybe they're catching that outsiders like me are able to predict their movements via trademark filings and procrastinating to avoid being exposed? IDK.

I think that if it's been cancelled, we'll have our proof next year.

Bear in mind that I found out about GS cancellation via MAG-X in December 2016 and alerted krew while in Africa on vacation.

It took krew some time to get his own copy of that MAG-X February 2017 issue and hire a professional translator. In March 2017, he broke the news of the "freeze" of GS development in 2016, being executed under 300B Program.

No thanks to some Lexus people in the USA, I had gotten misinformation that the car wasn't cancelled. Well, they just didn't know yet from Global HQ. In 2018 I accepted it was dead and dismissed the misinformation from USA, when UK made it very clear, it was nonsense.

It became official in 2020 from a Japanese language video highlighting end of GS and GS-F production per dates given in 2020.

Basically Lexus stopped investing in the car in late 2016 and waited past the scheduled the redesign date in summer 2019 to kill it off in August 2020.

Who knows when this announcement may or may not be made? We have to wait and just see what's happening.
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Quick trip to Greenville. Seemed a perfect way to explore the LS a bit more. Got about 24.4 MPG hauling ass..much better than the LX but the LC can get me a solid 28-30 highway same speeds. Car rode smooth as butter especially in comfort. Glides with no sound like a traditional LS. Handles SO MUCH better with lance changes and freeway ramps/bridges than any other LS. Not even close.

Really wish this could get the ultra luxury package. We all much prefer the massaging seats and added features front and rear compared to F Sport (took that one to Asheville a couple of years ago).

Car looks good, sits higher being AWD. Atomic silver still pops in that sun…IMG_4722.jpegIMG_4714.jpegIMG_4705.jpegIMG_4701.jpeg

Ian Schmidt

Really wish this could get the ultra luxury package. We all much prefer the massaging seats and added features front and rear compared to F Sport (took that one to Asheville a couple of years ago).
Yeah, it's dumb that you can't get the luxury package on an F-Sport. (Ditto for every other Lexus model too). The non-F-Sport AWD handles wonderfully too though, so I don't mind having the luxury package instead. Set the cruise, turn on the massage seats, and road trips are great.