Lexus ES 2007 Lexus ES 350

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2007 Lexus ES

Hi, I’m thinking about purchasing a 2007 Lexus ES 350 from this dealership, it has 168,500 miles on it. I’m looking to buy the Lexus with cash. The dealership said they’d take 4k cash plus taxes, but I think they’d take a bit less. If everything with the Lexus is fine meaning it seems to be mechanically fine, the exterior looks fine and so on, should I go ahead and buy it? I know that these Lexus’s are really good cars especially this gen. I thought I’d ask people that may know about cars than I do. (It’s one of those really big Nissan dealerships.) Could someone let me know common problems with this gen of Lexus’ too or problems they’ve had? And overall just let me know if the car is worth buying, Thanks! (No I have not checked the car out yet I live 2hrs away from where it is)

Ian Schmidt

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As with any used car, have a good mechanic check it out. Lexus vehicles are very reliable when properly maintained, but for a car that old you definitely want to make sure it was properly maintained.