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  1. corradoMR2

    Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover Megathread

    Same here. Very happy with our UX 250h F Sport. Traded it for the RX as the wife wanted a smaller more fuel efficient vehicle.
  2. corradoMR2

    Lexus March 2019 Sales Report

    Dismal LS sales in Canada, worse than LC. Only 5 in March! o_O UX doing ok in US and better in Canada (proportionally) to no surprise as we prefer smaller vehicles in general. Is the target 2k monthly in the US? Can't remember seeing it somewhere.
  3. corradoMR2

    Lexus January 2019 Sales Report

    High volume Lexus vehicles need a major overhaul in tech and powertrains - NX, RX, IS. Unique design and reliability can only go so far with the consumer. With that said, Lexus, please do not drag out the IS to a 7 or 8 year cycle, bring in the new gen for the MY 2020 or in early/mid 2020 as...
  4. corradoMR2

    Lexus LC Video: Straight Piped Lexus LC 500 Unleashes Monster Sound

    Brutal and a bit too much, NASCAR-like.
  5. corradoMR2

    Lexus Files Trademark for UX 300e in Europe

    Although a bit late, I'm very please Lexus is jumping in the electrification bandwagon. No choice to survive... Now if only they don't forget N.America please!!
  6. corradoMR2

    Reviews: The Fifth Generation (XF50) Lexus LS

    I'm surprised how the majority of the comments in the article had bad things to say about the LS' styling. Is it really that unliked? Personally, I like the 5LS' unique styling but that's because I don't like to blend in.
  7. corradoMR2

    2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition & Updated 2020 RC F Coupe [MERGED]

    If we look at it from a 0-60 mph standpoint, the LFA hit it in 3.6 seconds which nowadays is M4 CS and RS5 territory. Now being stated as the second fastest Lexus, I fear the RC F TE at best will hit 60 in the high 3s (from 4.3s today), placing it still in a catch up position to the Germans...
  8. corradoMR2

    Updated Lexus RX Coming to New York Auto Show?

    "Second half of 2021" for the next gen is in line with the product roadmap of 6 years for Toyota-based FWD platforms. This of course will be telling if we see the next gen Highlander arrive for MY 2020 while the RX will be a MY 2022.
  9. corradoMR2

    Lexus Launches Complete Lease Program in USA

    "It comes down to a guest convenience standpoint," Ericksen said. "It's not necessarily a way for a guest to pay less for their car or less for their insurance. It's a way for them to have a more convenient way to have transportation that's simpler and less time-consuming and less stressful."...
  10. corradoMR2

    Lexus Named Most Reliable Brand in Annual Consumer Reports Survey

    Haha yes good analogy and my sentiments as well. Now if only Toyota Motor Corp would take a bit more risk in tech/performance - I'd accept a drop or two in positions.
  11. corradoMR2

    Videos: The Craftsmanship of the Lexus UX Crossover

    ^^^In N.Am, Dec for the 200, Jan for the 250h Krew - great collection of videos in one post. I particularly like the door slam and panel fit videos. As "ugly ducking" as I thought the rear of the car was, oddly, this car overall is growing on me...but we'll see how pricing in Canada is to...
  12. corradoMR2

    2019 Lexus RC Coupe Debuts at Paris Motor Show

    Nice but disappointingly not enough to compete. This is just a refresh and an overhaul is needed.
  13. corradoMR2

    Lexus September 2018 Sales Report

    Reluctantly, I agree on all the vehicle statements, especially RC/IS are outclassed. Has anyone seen the new 3-series (bland styling aside), it's a powerhouse on tech and performance. Also, Tesla is hitting hard on the compact and large luxury sedan market with their Model 3 and S...
  14. corradoMR2

    Lexus Considers Move Back to Touchscreen Interfaces

    Almost 10 months now owning the Stinger with the touchscreen interface and no way would I trade that for the current RTI/screen setup Lexus offers. I don't like the smudges and the screen although closer requires my head to turn more to the right taking my eyes/peripheral vision a little...
  15. corradoMR2

    What Should be the First Lexus F Brand Crossover/SUV?

    With the adoption of F models in the RWD-platform only vehicles, it would have to be the LF-1 Limitless.
  16. corradoMR2

    No Plans for High-Performance Lexus UX F Crossover

    Not bad with 200 hp... if it ever comes.
  17. corradoMR2

    No Plans for High-Performance Lexus UX F Crossover

    I'm surprised this is even a topic when the top engine is 176hp while we have no F model for the more obvious rwd platforms IS and LS (and LC yet). A more feasible topic is getting insight from Lexus on a UX 300.
  18. corradoMR2

    Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover Megathread

    10 pic limit, three more... NOTE the full plastic window trim. Lexus has brought this back from a hiatus in recent other Lexus vehicles which have just the corners rounded off in plastic. (RX, IS, ES, NX, GX, ...). I like the full plastic better in the UX - looks better finished. :)...
  19. corradoMR2

    Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover Megathread

    Ten pic limit above^^^ Here are a few more!
  20. corradoMR2

    Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover Megathread

    I have mixed feelings after seeing it in person. It was a prototype so the interior hard plastics were shiny and looked really cheap b/c they were missing the textured grain finish. Also, the rear door panel will be all hard plastic with the exception of the middle panel piece and arm rest...