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  1. mikeavelli

    Lexus GS F Diego's Modified GS F with GTHAUS Exhaust

    Diego just got rid of it but his GS F was one of the most modified around, with every Tom's Racing part they sold and a bunch of other modifications. Here is something I helped put together with BAM and Diego recently.....
  2. mikeavelli

    Lexus RC F 2019 RC F Facelift vs LC 500 Front End Comparo

    I'm always a bit fascinated with how Lexus interprets the Spindle Grill and other cues on different cars. Here is an updated RC F (non performance pack) in white vs a 2019 LC 500 in white. I love the update to the RC F, I do prefer it with the performance pack. The LC 500 is still beautiful...
  3. mikeavelli

    Genesis Mint Concept

    An electric city car concept by Genesis. I am really liking the styling here and the thought of a luxurious city coupe makes a lot of sense. No idea on production possibilities but i find it chic...
  4. mikeavelli

    2020 Mercedes-Benz GLS 450 & 580

    Really well done, slightly larger and both engines have a small electric hybrid system. This is now the third generation and I thought the X7 would get some breathing room at launch but that ain't gonna happen lol...
  5. mikeavelli

    Lexus LC VIP Auto Salon LC 500 x Vossen Wheels

    Clark's sick LC. Lowered on RS-R Springs, Nitto Tires, Lexon kit and Apex-i exhaust tips. - - - Updated - - - Lexus LC500 - Hybrid Forged - HF-3 Wheel Gallery: The Vossen Forged HF-3 Wheel Vehicle Gallery: LEXUS LC Contact
  6. mikeavelli

    Lexus Enthusiast Appreciation

    Hey just wanted to say this is by far my #1 source for Lexus information. KREW does an amazing job keeping us informed .Let's send him some warm love since he's freezing up there hahhahaha... Personally I also commend all you LE members, no matter if you post often or once a month. Your input...
  7. mikeavelli

    Official AMG Discussion (Update: An all-AWD future?)

    We don't have one so I figured we can put it all here. Rumors are the new A class will become an AMG with a 416hp or so engine!
  8. mikeavelli

    Lexus to Compete in 2019 German DTM Racing Season Finale

    Continue reading...
  9. mikeavelli

    Any Supra Owners in the Charlotte Area?

    Not sure if any Supra Owners lurk here?
  10. mikeavelli

    Lexus Southern LC 500h Art Car

    I've had the pleasure to be a part of the Lexus Southern Art Car that debuted last month. It has made its rounds around some large local Atlanta social events and now will be a prominent display at the Fox Theatre for the next couple of months. The car was red but wrapped and then had the...
  11. mikeavelli

    Per CarMax Data, Lexus #1 with Loyalty Individual Vehicles The facts are simple..people go to SUV's and stay with them....
  12. mikeavelli

    Is Nissan about to pull Infiniti out of Europe? Yes, it is. Interesting article with some nice sales data. I had no idea sales were this poor in the U.K/Europe and they pulled out of Indonesia. That cannot be good....
  13. mikeavelli

    So about these possible Tariffs on Automakers...

    I hope we don't get too political in this thread. The fact of the matter is the current administration is threatening tariffs on Euro imports and the EU has already said they will respond in kind and tax more of our products. It sounds like 25%.. Harley already said it has to move production...
  14. mikeavelli

    I lust for a Civic Type-R

    Some of you likely are shocked to read those words :D but ever since I saw it, read about it and have driven it, I really REALLY like this car. For me it would be a really cool, fun Daily and something to take to car events. It also is reasonable at 35k and damn near comes with a OEM bodykit...
  15. mikeavelli

    20 years ago: DaimlerChrysler "merger of equals" That didn't go so well.. good read..
  16. mikeavelli

    Vossen x Lexus Sedan Thread

    Hey everyone instead of cluttering the forum with multiple threads I will put everything into one thread. Hopefully some of you like what is posted!!! -mike- HAMANA Lexus LS460 F Sport Vossen Forged: CG-Series Finishing Details: Brushed/Gloss Clear Wheels Outfitted By Mondera Japan /...
  17. mikeavelli

    Lexus LX My Lexus LX 570 Official Thread

    I honestly thought I had a thread already started but I don't. Here is the first set of media we produced. In about 14,000 miles and countless road trips I am in love with the LX, something I thought I would never say. It is now near and dear to my heart as the near perfect family/friends...
  18. mikeavelli

    Lexus RX 2018 Lexus RX 7 Seater vs 2018 Acura MDX 7 Seater

    Here are my words from the video... I'll be happy to answer any questions. Cliffs- Both are 7 seat, not 7 adult so the third rows are best for kids and children. RX has more luxurious features the MDX has a bit more headroom and hip room. Both third row legroom is IMO the same. Here is...
  19. mikeavelli

    Lexus Buyers Rank Spindle Grille as Second Most Appealing Feature Good read and info. I love the spindle!!
  20. mikeavelli

    Audi Q7 Exclusive.. 150 Units for Canada

    Nice scheme overall, it debuted by our friends at Audi Canada at the Montreal Auto Show. The color is called Ocra Black