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    Official Toyota & Lexus Future Powertrain/Product Discussion

    A 1GR-FKS would be much welcomed, especially from an efficiency standpoint with a 6-or-8 speed transmission and Atkinson cycle. In the 2GR, it added roughly 35 hp and and 19 tq. 300hp/300 tq would be perfect for the current gen
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    10th Anniversary Lexus GS F & Lexus RC F Special Edition

    Just realized these anniversary editions are 2019 MY. Meaning no power bump or really any refresh for the 2019 model year
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    Lexus January 2018 Sales Report

    I think there was a post last year saying there would be 14 new models shown this year. Seeing as its now down to 10, I assume the 4 we've seen are LS500, LS500h, LC500 Special Edition, and LF-1 Limitless. 10 to go.
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    Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept / Lexus LQ Megathread

    You're right. I had to look closely to see that. Also suffer from R/G/B color deficiency lol
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    Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept / Lexus LQ Megathread

    Black L badge in the rear. Non-hybrid power train perhaps? 4.0 twin turbo V-8 introduction or LS500 engine, I'm guessing.
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    Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept / Lexus LQ Megathread

    Bring it on! I'm in the office at 6am haha
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    The Lexus LC F Megathread

    So do you think we will see an LC F introduced without seeing LC 500 and 500h F-Sport vehicles? Seems kinda odd, but maybe they don't plan on bothering with the F- Sport version of their flagship coupe. If they did, it would certainly account for 2 more models in terms of their 14 new models...
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    Lexus Showcases Self-Driving LS Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

    I'd wager its the fuel cell vehicle, maybe in the form of a range topping LS
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    New Lexus Hybrid Commercial Takes Aim at Electric Vehicles

    IS 300h Sportcross. Make it happen Lexus:pray:
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    New Lexus Hybrid Commercial Takes Aim at Electric Vehicles

    No CT200h in the commercial either
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    Lexus to Debut LC 500 and LC 500h Coupe at Detroit Auto Show?

    Best looking rendering yet and the #s sound very believable. Lexus has been researching this turbo for a while and they've constantly referenced wanting to "find more creative ways to boost power than conventional turbo charging." I believe electric turbo charging might be their answer of just...
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    Lexus CT What do you want in a new CT 200h?

    Just a thought, but if there is a next get CT200t, I wonder how it's priced. The current CT200h is 31k. Most of Lexus' vehicles with hybrid counterparts are priced anywhere from 2k to 13k higher, ignoring the LS600h. Most provide comparable performance (LS,GS,RX) while the others offer slightly...
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    Design Review: 2016 Lexus GS F SPORT Brings LF-Gh Concept to Life

    Stunning similarities. This is how the 4th gen GS should've started, but I understand the evolutionary process it took to get here.
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    2016 Lexus GS F SPORT Debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show

    Not debating the functionality, only the the aesthetics
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    2016 Lexus GS F SPORT Debuts at Frankfurt Motor Show

    I second that, at least visually. The absence of fog lights on the GS F-- having just those big, black air vents don't really add anything to the F. The F-Sport (and regular models) have a pronounced surround enveloping the girl, accented by corresponding fog light casings.
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    Report: All-New Lexus RX will not be Offered as Three-Row Crossover

    Some brought up the interesting point of there being 5 SUVs. I don't know if Lexus can successfully support all those vehicles. As much as I like the GX and its place in the luxury market, if you're going to bring a 3 row crossover in, kill the GX or give it the nameplate of GX. The other...
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    Lexus to Debut Two Updated Vehicles at Pebble Beach This Week

    Probably the GS 350 and GS 450h. Lexus counts the hybrids as separate models most of the time and the 4GS did premiere at Pebble Beach in 2011, if I'm not mistaken.
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    TLE Podcast Episode 1: Interview with Mark Templin

    Saw an interesting "which would you drive" thread between the naturally aspirated V10s of the E60 M5, LFA, and Viper on some site a few days ago. Made for some good reading.
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    Lexus LS 500h Trademarked in Europe

    I think the 500h designation leads us to believe it's somewhere in the 380hp range, as the 450h floats between 300 and 340 in the RX and GS. We're probably looking at at 3.7 V6 or as Lexfather said, a 4.0 V8.
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    Lexus GS F Colors

    Let's see. 8 colors will be offered. The automatic assumptions are: 1.Obsidian 2.Ultra white(we've seen) 3.USB(we've seen) 4.Infrared(confirmed in first post) The more than likely few: 5.Nebula gray(maybe a new version?) 6. Atomic Silver Wild cards: 7. That RCF orange 8. ??? I can't imagine...