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  1. Ray99

    Introducing the Next-Generation Lexus Enthusiast Website

    Congratulations Krew. Love the new design.
  2. Ray99

    Next-Generation Lexus IS F in 2022?

    Maybe Lexus ought to focus on Luxury rather than gunning for sporty. Lexus left that segment open for Genesis to enter, big mistake. It is still not too late for Lexus to make changes.
  3. Ray99

    Lexus Serious about Manufacturing Vehicles in China

    Not a good strategy, IMO. Lexus production should remain in Japan. They should not prioritize sales number over quality. It seems Akio has forgotten Toyota declining quality when they emphasized on volume back in 2010 (if I am not mistaken).
  4. Ray99

    Lexus Announces Handmade Sneakers Inspired by CT Hatchback

    Lexus has been nonsense recently. Instead of focus on building cars, now it enters to non Automotive segments. Merc has great line up now, Lexus should zero in on its competitors.
  5. Ray99

    Lexus ES Sedan to Debut World's First Digital Side Mirrors

    Hopefully, it will be standard options in other part of the world too.
  6. Ray99

    Lexus ES Sedan to Debut World's First Digital Side Mirrors

    I love it. Very cool. :cool:
  7. Ray99

    300-Series Land Cruiser (Next LX)

    Recently, Japanase 4x4 magazine publish article about future Land Cruiser. The engine that it will carry is 3.4L V6 with 10 speed transmissions. Lexus LX will follow suit. Is this the end of V8 engine for Toyota/Lexus family?
  8. Ray99

    Lexus April 2018 Sales Report

    LS and ES are the only two models that can boost Lexus throughout 2018. Mercedes E Class and S Class are hard to beat in terms of sales volume.
  9. Ray99

    Introducing the All-New 2019 Lexus ES 350 & ES 300h

    The F sport version doesn’t do ES the justice. Too sporty. Thank God, Lexus do still have the luxury version for ES. Any full shot of the rear?
  10. Ray99

    Throwback: The 1997 Lexus SLV Crossover Concept

    This SUV is a legend. It revolutionizes the midsize segment. And RX is still a market leader.
  11. Ray99

    Apple CarPlay & Lexus

    My question to Lexus: can older Lexus (say 2017/2018) system get upgraded to have the apple carplay capability?
  12. Ray99

    Official 7th Generation ES Thread: Full Reveal on 4/25 in Beijing

    I don’t think it is a good idea to have ES’s design same to LS’s. This will cause similar problem to S class owners when people confused it with E and C class.
  13. Ray99

    Lexus IS KREW's Lexus IS Owner Blog

    Congratulations Kevin. Atomic silver is the best color. It brings out line/angle design compare to other colors.
  14. Ray99

    Amazon Alexa Coming to Select U.S. Lexus Vehicles in 2018

    SIRI and Apple carplay would be a better choice.
  15. Ray99

    The 2017 Lexus Enthusiast Reader Survey

    Wow, time flies. Keep up the good work, Krew. And happy 10th year anniversary
  16. Ray99

    This Week: Driving the All New 2018 Lexus LS Flagship

    Given the new design has more slope in pillar C, Will that reduce rear passengers headroom significantly?
  17. Ray99

    Lexus to Debut New Vehicle at Los Angeles Auto Show

    It could be GX, given the fact that on Sept 12 2017, Toyota introduced its major updates for Land Cruiser Prado which GX platform based on.
  18. Ray99

    Lexus Announces Semi-Autonomous Safety Features for New LS Sedan

    I am impressed with the new tech for the upcoming LS. During the announcement of LS few months ago, it didn't mention any of the safety advancement. Lexus indeed save it for the last moment. Potential LS buyers must be drooling to see the long list. :p
  19. Ray99

    Lexus Launches in India With Three Model Lineup

    Congratulation to India Lexus enthusiasts! Finally, official Lexus dealer has opened. There are still lot of places in this part of the world that Lexus has not made its presence. Hope to see more groundbreaking new dealers in the future.
  20. Ray99

    Apple to use Lexus RX 450h for Autonomous Driving Test Program

    It seems that Lexus RX hybrid and Toyota Prius are favourite models for Google and Apple to use for testing their technology.