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  1. Ian Schmidt

    Lexus LC Advice Needed.

    I've had one flat tire in the 25 years I've been driving regularly - it's definitely not like back in the bad old days of bias-ply tires when failures were relatively common.
  2. Ian Schmidt

    Video: Demonstrating the New Lexus RX Touchscreen

    On the 5LS at least I've never taken the seats off Auto - it does a much better job than previous models at having the seats track the HVAC temperature and do the right thing.
  3. Ian Schmidt

    New Solid-State Battery Developed for Lexus Electric Vehicles

    The company that's done more than any other to make electrified cars normal and common and reliable is "one of the most anti-EV"? To be fair, Electrek got the "why have you betrayed me?" treatment from Musk recently (in public on Twitter) after they republished an AP report about a Model S...
  4. Ian Schmidt

    Take A Guess (Lexus Edition)

    Agreed, '87 for an '89 launch.
  5. Ian Schmidt

    Video: Demonstrating the New Lexus RX Touchscreen

    Touchpad's superior in a stationary environment. It's not so great in a moving car.
  6. Ian Schmidt

    Hello from Florida!

    That all sounds great. Definitely post pictures and videos!
  7. Ian Schmidt

    Lexus LC LC500 Mark Levinson

    As I've noted, all of the newer Lexus/ML systems I've heard concentrate on the front seats. With everything set to default, soundstaging and instrument placement in my LS500 are top-notch, and I'm completely positive Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson are standing on my hood. But if you pan it to the...
  8. Ian Schmidt

    46th (2019) Tokyo Motor Show

    I think it's fairly clear that they called "stop" on the 5LS before everyone was finished, because no matter how much better it might have been, running the 4LS until MY2019 or 2020 would've been catastrophic.
  9. Ian Schmidt

    Questions on buying a used Lexus RX 350

    Yeah, seeing 10 or more year old cars at dealer service isn't uncommon with Lexus.
  10. Ian Schmidt

    Toyota 2019 sales in China

    Manufacturer ranking is 1) VW 2) Buick 3) Toyota 4) Honda 5) Nissan 6) Ford.
  11. Ian Schmidt

    Toyota 2019 sales in China

    What threw me off is that VW translates plainly in #8 and #9 ("Volkswagen Golf" and "Volkswagen Passat", respectively). Although the first two characters seem to be the same in all cases (along with #7, "of mass Sunny" - not sure which VW that is). And actually "of mass" makes some sense as an...
  12. Ian Schmidt

    Toyota 2019 sales in China

    According to the Google Translate app on my phone, top6 on the first list is Toyota Camry, and #2 on the second list is Buick. #1 doesn't translate (it comes up as "of mass", and on the first list #2 is the "of mass Polo").
  13. Ian Schmidt

    Introducing the Updated 2020 Lexus RX & RX F SPORT

    I have the same problem with recent Benzes, and it's exacerbated by seemingly every one sold being gray. It could get worse, Cadillac announced that all of their cars will now be called "CT (number)-V", with a choice of engines. I guess BMW's "everything's an M" is spreading.
  14. Ian Schmidt

    2020 Toyota Supra Master Thread (Officially Unveiled pg 26)

    Someone put both cars up on a lift and found that the Supra does have differently tuned steering and a different steering rack than the BMW, although the overall suspension architecture is the same. Not sure if any rear suspension differences were noted.
  15. Ian Schmidt

    Lexus ES How does the Mark Levinson Sound System in the Lexus ES Compare to an Opera House?

    Right, and what I'm saying is that the changes make it more driver-focused and *less* chauffeur-able. It works for me because I'm driving, but if I were in the back I probably wouldn't enjoy the relative lack of sound in back as much.
  16. Ian Schmidt

    Lexus ES How does the Mark Levinson Sound System in the Lexus ES Compare to an Opera House?

    I agree that that can be a thing, but the newer Lexus implementations *do* have a pronounced front-seat bias in the audio that didn't used to be there. In my LS500 with the ML and everything on default, it sounds terrific and there's excellent soundstaging and directionality, but if you pan to...
  17. Ian Schmidt

    Audi A4 facelift

    The worse part is that in the small details where they do differ I find the Hyundai more attractive.
  18. Ian Schmidt Removed From Lexus Enform

    I think the idea is that with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto rolling out you'd just use an app on your phone to perform those functions. I know there's not perfect overlap between cars losing MovieTickets and getting the new capability though.
  19. Ian Schmidt

    Lexus Broadcasts RC F Engine Sound to Alien Civilizations

    I think it's kind of amusing. According to parallel development theory there may be aliens out there who love the roar of a good NA V8 :D
  20. Ian Schmidt

    FCA proposes merger with Renault / Nissan

    "Fiat Chrysler proposed on Monday to merge with France's Renault to create the world's third-biggest automaker and combine their investments in the race to make new electric and autonomous vehicles. The merged company would reshape the global industry: it would make some 8.7 million vehicles a...