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  1. Hamed Al Ketbi

    No V8 Engines for Future Lexus Models

    If this is true, I’m sorry Lexus will go down really badly. Since all competitors already have been using 4.0 Twin Turbo V8s for a while. That would be the worst decision Lexus take. All my excitement for Lexus went down. I was very much waiting for the LC F, LS F and LQ F. Even if it’s...
  2. Hamed Al Ketbi

    5th Generation (2018+) Lexus LS 500 & LS 500h Megathread

    Yes you’re right. And I really like the fact that Lexus did the update sooner with upcoming S class as they both will compete with the new feature of AI autonomous driving. And we all know Lexus been working for years on that. Can’t wait to see Lexus win
  3. Hamed Al Ketbi

    5th Generation (2018+) Lexus LS 500 & LS 500h Megathread

    I personally love the new facelift. Yes the current LS has a better front light but compared to the new s-class this looks way better!! Plus I’m sure when it comes to the showrooms, Lexus will have it’s own touch of refinement!! Plus I really didn’t like the screen design, kinda look cheap...
  4. Hamed Al Ketbi

    2021 Lexus IS Megathread

    Okay overall, as design I can't complain. The facelift IS acutally stands out more as a small car compared to many, I could see that as a refresh design it looks pretty nice. However, I agree with everyone, the engine options are a big disappointment, I wish Lexus could've put more thoughts on...
  5. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Lexus UX Brown Special Edition Now Available in Japan

    Still the color is unique
  6. Hamed Al Ketbi

    The Lexus LC F Megathread

    WOOOW!! I honestly can't wait till that day when it comes out. After thinking of it ... Lexus is heading in a kinda different direction which is amazing. Since Koji Sato is the new president I already see what kind of changes have been made. If the Lexus LC F will be neighbored to Lamborghini...
  7. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Lexus Develops New Twin-Turbo V8 Engine for “Future Sports Cars”

    This is the BEST news so far from Lexus since the LC 500 Convertible!! If this happened, people will change their mindset about Lexus. CAN'T WAIT!
  8. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Lexus Develops New Twin-Turbo V8 Engine for “Future Sports Cars”

    Ohh good lord ... FINALLY, I've been waiting to hear this like FOREVER!! ... Honestly when Lexus does this. My opinion would be the PERFECT car brand in the world!!! WAITING patiently!!
  9. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Lexus Opens Door on Next-Generation LFA Supercar

    YES PLEASE!!! If Lexus will keep the LFA name alive. Will sure make Lexus step up their game. And the only issue is that Lexus is a little behind everyone. Which is I do not mind, because they perfect their work. I would only suggest them to be build a little faster. Finally, price? I don't...
  10. Hamed Al Ketbi

    2020 Lexus LX 570 Gets Sport Package in USA

    I’m surprised the LX 570 reached late with these updates!! It’s been in the Middle East market since the beginning of 2019!!
  11. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Lexus LFA Video: Using a Lexus LFA to Cut the Lawn

    I’ve seen this while back and I instantly fall in love with that color!! It really suits the LFA perfectly
  12. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Lexus Planning New Coupe Between RC & LC?

    I don't understand why would Lexus go for a 3rd coupe when both RC & LC doesn't even sell well. Ohh and with Mazda, NO THANKS (I do not support that). And if they want to collaborate with another automotive company, why don't they continue with BMW. As they did with the SUPRA? I mean Lexus has...
  13. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Introducing the Next-Generation Lexus Enthusiast Website

    Congratulation on the updated website. It surely is more modern and easier to work with. I am very glad that I have found this community ever since I was a kid, that keeps everything up to date with my favorite car brand of all time. Keep up the beautiful work and well done.
  14. Hamed Al Ketbi

    The 2020 Lexus RX & RX F SPORT Megathread

    Loving all the updates. I used to hate that space in the dashboard with the screen. And now it just looks pretty and clean. It kind reminding me of BMW somehow. But, in a more elegant way. Maybe it's time Lexus brings the RX F to compete against the X5M & GLE63s
  15. Hamed Al Ketbi

    The Lexus LM Minivan Megathread

    I don't understand why Lexus didn't work a little harder to make a better looking minivan. I know this meant to be for the Asian market but, it's basically an upgraded version of Toyota Alphard. Although, I really like the front and the whole package offered. However, the back looks hideous...
  16. Hamed Al Ketbi

    The Lexus LC F Megathread

    I honestly can't wait for this, to come to reality. And I guarantee that this will make a big hit in the middle eastern market. Since everyone loves big engines and petrol is cheap compared to the world. Also, Lexus is behind its competitors in terms of powertrain. So, I would say 600+ HP will...
  17. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Lexus President Sawa: "Every car has an individual character"

    That is why Lexus has been always and will always be my FAVORITE car brand of all time. After all those fancy brands where they are showing off their fancy material and mostly just purchasing just because "ohhh it's a Mercedes, ohhh it's a Bentley". Honestly, as I see it now. Lexus is already in...
  18. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Next-Generation Lexus LX 500 Coming in 2020?

    Please Lexus NOOO, as a Lexus LX 570 in the Middle East, it is one of the best selling SUV. With that design which is basically a fancy Fortuner. It won’t do good!! Everyone will settle down with the 2018-19 model
  19. Hamed Al Ketbi

    1st Generation Lexus RC 300, 350, F and Track Edition Megathread

    Some real exciting news!!! Can’t wait even for the LC’s project as it’s not yet finished!
  20. Hamed Al Ketbi

    Lexus LC is the Driving Benchmark for Every New Lexus Model

    I can imagine if they applied this to the LX 570. Especially, in the Middle East. It would be even double the HIT!!