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  1. Tragic Bronson

    Lexus RC F Transforms into Jet Fighter for Men in Black: International

    The MIB reboot is most likely going to be a box office bomb, as was least Minority Report was a hit movie with a car that really got noticed; The Island doesn't really count since the 2054 was just there for background.
  2. Tragic Bronson

    Lexus April 2019 Sales Report

    They lease very well...that's why.
  3. Tragic Bronson

    Lexus to Open Dealerships in Mexico
  4. Tragic Bronson

    The Lexus Minivan Thread (LM debuts in Shanghai on 4/16)

    More photos:
  5. Tragic Bronson

    5th Generation Toyota Rav4 Master Thread (New TRD Off Road Model Added)

    Just waiting on savagegeese to review one
  6. Tragic Bronson

    2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition & Updated 2020 RC F Coupe [MERGED]

    2020 Lexus RC F Track Edition First Drive Review- Not the hardcore machine we deserve Ouch...but the commentary from Tsurumoto is interesting, seems like the bean counters pushed back against the engineers...
  7. Tragic Bronson

    Lexus LC VIP Auto Salon LC 500 x Vossen Wheels

    Guys named "Doug" who film Youtube videos and score them.
  8. Tragic Bronson

    Lexus LC 500 & LC 500h Body Kits

    You mean
  9. Tragic Bronson

    2019 Toyota Corolla Thread (Hatch & Sedan) Updated

    That new gray color that looks blue looks good. Kinda like Atomic Silver on all the Lexuseses
  10. Tragic Bronson

    Apple CarPlay & Lexus

    There's quite a few pissed off 2018 Camry owners that are mad that their Entune system isn't getting the update where they can get ACP lol.
  11. Tragic Bronson

    The Lexus Minivan Thread (LM debuts in Shanghai on 4/16)

    An English review:
  12. Tragic Bronson

    Official 4th Generation IS Discussion Thread

    Bring back some Jigga under the hood...
  13. Tragic Bronson

    Official 4th Generation IS Discussion Thread

    Perhaps Lexus is just targeting BMW/Mercedes/Audi owners with the next IS, not legacy owners whose priorities are long-term ownership. These types of buyers would most likely be leasing, and they'll rinse and repeat in 3 years. Compact CUVs have usurped sedans for popularity (NX>IS sales), no...
  14. Tragic Bronson

    Lexus UX Subcompact Crossover Megathread

    If it was UX888 it would definitely be a winner.
  15. Tragic Bronson

    European Sales: Lexus Outsells Porsche in January

    I still like their cars, the CUVs/SUVs are another story...probably why they seem 'feminine'
  16. Tragic Bronson

    2019 Lexus NX300 F Sport Review - Luxurious Enough?

    Fails cupholder and visor tests lol
  17. Tragic Bronson

    Matt Farah’s Lexus LS 400 Reaches 1,000,000 Miles

    Or at least provide him with new wheel caps...