Lexus Face Vehicle Shortages in Japan

Lexus has limited orders of its vehicles in Japan due to a continuing semiconductor chip shortage — from Nikkei:

Toyota has established order limits for 9 models under the Lexus brand in Japan. The number of limits varies by dealership, and once they are sold out, no more orders can be taken. For example, the popular UX multi-purpose SUV was apparently allocated several dozen units per dealership, although the number varies depending on the size of the dealership.

Delivery delays due to parts shortages are more serious for luxury cars that use many semiconductors. Lexus models use over 1,000, several hundred more than a typical Toyota car.

This will likely lead to vehicle shortages in markets around the world, as inventory is funnelled back into the local market. Dealerships will be booking vehicle deliveries up to two years in advance.

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