Lexus Releases Sneaker Collection Based on UX Crossover

Lexus UX Canada Sneakers

Lexus Canada has partnered with menswear designer Christopher Bates to develop an exclusive limited-edition sneaker inspired by the UX crossover:

The sneaker is produced in Italy and uses Lexus design elements like Circuit Red perforated leather and the spindle grille. Variations in sole design mark the differences in the sneakers for both men and women.

The Christopher Bates UX sneaker is now available through Lexus Canada dealers across the country for $290 CDN.

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Lexus don't know what to do 😂😂

Oh, they know what to do, at this point they're just pissing around. Shoes look cool but I want this website to keep talking about car developments. And we're not getting anything (not the author's fault, I'm just pointing out the lack of activity from Lexus).