Milestone: Lexus Sells 10 Million Vehicles Worldwide

Lexus 10 Million Sales

Lexus reached a significant milestone last week, reaching 10 million worldwide sales since the brand’s debut nearly 30 years ago. Hybrid powertrains accounted for 1.45 million of total sales, making Lexus the second biggest electrified vehicle producer of all time behind Toyota.

(Here’s some fun math — Lexus started in September 1989, so that means a rough average of 340,000 vehicles per year, 39 vehicles per hour, and 0.65 vehicles every minute ever since.)

Lexus also announced global sales in 2018 reached 698,330 vehicles, a 4.5% increase over 2017 and the best-ever year for the brand. Here’s how sales were distributed by region:

Region Sales in 2018
North America 323,482
Europe 76,188
Japan 55,098
China 161,862
East Asia 31,793
Oceania 9,972
Asia 6,380
Other 33,555