Toyota Supra to Replace Lexus LC Coupe in Japan’s Super GT Series

Lexus Supra Toyota Super GT

An all-new Toyota Supra GT500 will replace the Lexus LC coupe in Super GT for the 2020 season, ending Lexus’ 13-year involvement in the top-end of the Japanese race series.

A concept version of the Supra GT500 was revealed at the Tokyo Auto Salon and the car will be ready for racing in 2020, when Super GT officially adopts Class One regulations developed jointly with DTM.

Lexus has been part of GT500 since 2006, running the SC430 and RC F before introducing the LC 500 in 2017. Lexus won the 2017 GT500 title with Nick Cassidy and Ryo Hirakawa driving for the Keeper TOM’s team.


Link to qualifying results for Super GT



So Lexus failed in the GT500 so far as well as Nuburgring

I think there's something wrong this season
Another thing I forgot to mention. The Blancpain GT Series entrance is one of the biggest moves Lexus has made. It has made them a huge player among the "big boy" cars that come from Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Bentley. Currently, they need to do plenty of work in terms of the championships but they're still doing a commendable job. Still, they need to win it all. Go Lexus!
I've never followed the Lexus racing program in recent years since I am a WRC guy. Could someone summarize how well the RC fares in GT racing?

GT500 is just stupid. I couldn't care less about silouette cars especially when there's no obligatory road homologation.
I've never followed the Lexus racing program in recent years since I am a WRC guy. Could someone summarize how well the RC fares in GT racing.
The RC F GT3 program looks to be picking up steam:
  • After a season and a half with little success, 3GT Racing won their first IMSA race this month.
  • The European program had more success, and was competitive in VLN in 2016 and the GT Open in 2017. Emil Frey Racing is now in the Blancpain GT series, a considerably more prestigious championship, and have managed a third place finish in four races this year.
  • The RC F GT3 in Japan has really struggled, but a newly formed team with SuperGT legend Morio Nitta just finished first in this weekend's race.
This could just be a string of good luck, but hopefully the teams on all three continents will continue to be competitive. I know the first place finish by 3GT has energized my interest.
congratulations Lexus!
Finally a good result after the bad start
Congratulations to Toyota
Lexus IS just racking up those wins . Nice !!
Everything start getting better!!!
1 to 3 once you get there you get there good job team .