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Modellista Debuts Body Kit for New Lexus UX Crossover

Lexus UX Body Kit Modellisa

Japanese tuner Modellista has released a body kit for the new Lexus UX subcompact crossover, boosting up the F SPORT variant with generous ground effects:

Modellista has also developed some LS & LC inspired accents, bringing some chrome to a model with surprisingly little bling:

The body kit is available at Japanese dealerships for ¥232,200 ($2,000 USD), while the chrome accent three-pack will retail for ¥115,560 ($1,000 USD). Availability outside of Japan is doubtful.

The complete bodykit in the image to me looks gross and stupid, because I'll never understand why someone would specifically buy an SUV or Crossover (ie.
a car that is higher off the ground than normal sedans/hatchbacks/etc..) and then nullifying its purpose by installing front/rear lips and side skirts that "lowers" the car. Someone goes even far by lowering the height with custom suspension...

Speaking about the chromed parts it's another thing, they add an "LS" vibe to the car especially on the tail lights.