Poll Results: What Should be the First Lexus F Brand Crossover/SUV?

Lexus LF-1 F LQ F

What should be the first Lexus F brand crossover/SUV? That’s the question we asked readers last week — after 1,002 votes in total, here are the results:

Lexus F Brand Model

The LF-1 Limitless concept was the top pick, and it’s a choice that demonstrates both the knowledge and realistic nature of the Lexus Enthusiast community. Despite its theoretical nature, the LF-1 is the only one of the bunch built on a rear-wheel drive platform, and the production model will mostly likely debut before any of the other models are redesigned.

More surprising is the second place finish for the RX, though being the bestselling Lexus of all time surely played a role in the voting. The NX contingent were among the most vocal in the comment thread, but the compact crossover finished a distant third.

Thanks to everyone that voted, check back next Wednesday for our latest enthusiast poll!