Lexus Complete Lease Program to Debut with UX Crossover

Lexus UX Complete Lease

The Lexus UX will be available with a new leasing program when it arrives in American dealerships later this year. Called Lexus Complete Lease, the new program will be a two-year lease that includes both insurance and maintenance in the price.

The Complete Lease program will launch in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles & Miami before expanding into other markets. There is no vehicle “swapping”, so leasers will remain in the same UX through the two years. Mileage is limited to 20,000 miles in total.

This pilot is just the beginning for alternative vehicle “ownership” programs from Lexus — Digital Trends spoke with USA general manager of product and consumer marketing Cynthia Tenhouse:

“We are studying other subscription, ride-sharing, and car-sharing options as well. This is our first entry,” [Lexus’ general manager of product and consumer marketing Cynthia] Tenhouse hinted. She stopped short of revealing what else Lexus is looking at. And, while only UX customers will be eligible to sign up for Lexus Complete Lease when the program launches, there’s a strong chance it will become available on other models in the coming months or years.

“We will expand it,” affirmed Tenhouse. When and in which direction will largely depend on how buyers respond to the idea of selecting a car like they choose a smartphone.