New Study Shows Lexus has Highest Used Car Loyalty in USA

Lexus RX 350

A new study by American used-car dealer network CarMAX has found Lexus owners to be the most loyal, with a 30.4% retention. Compare this to other brands:

Lexus CarMAX Loyalty

Lexus loyalty even filtered down to specific models — RX 350 owners made a repeat-buy 23.1% of the time, good enough for second overall behind the Corvette. The ES 350 also showed strong loyalty with a 20.1% repeat rate.

To calculate brand loyalty, CarMax looked at every vehicle purchase in 2017 that also had a trade-in vehicle. Loyalty was calculated by comparing the brand of the purchase with the brand of the trade-in.

On average at CarMax, people are not very loyal to their car brands. Among our customers who traded in a car, just 19.4 percent of them continue on with the same brand. The rest try something different.

This is somehow logical
I'm not surprised. I have found that many Lexus owners I know have stuck to the brand and have purchased 2nd vehicles or updated their current with a newer model.