Lexus RC F Finishes First in Super GT300 Round 3, Third in Blancpain GT Series

Lexus RC F GT300

It was a busy (and successful) weekend all round for Lexus Racing, with the Super GT Round 3 at Suzuka in Japan and Round 4 of the Blancpain GT Series at Silverstone in the UK.

Super GT Round 3 at Suzuka

The newly formed K-TUNES Lexus RC F GT3 team finished first in the GT300 class during this weekend’s Super GT Round 3 at Suzuka. The team of Morio Nitta & Yuichi Nakayama scored pole position during qualifying and never looked back.

This is the 19th first place finish for driver Nitta, tying the all-time record for wins in the GT300 class.

In the GT500 class, the KeePer TOM’S team of Ryo Hirakawa and Nick Cassidy finished third place in the #1 Lexus LC 500, and now sit in third overall in the season standings.

Blancpain GT Series

The Switzerland-based Emil Frey Racing team scored third place in this weekend’s Blancpain GT Round 4 at Silverstone, the first podium finish for the RC F GT 3 this season.

Lexus RC F Blancpain

As a bonus, here’s in-car footage from inside the RC F GT3 at the race previous:


Link to qualifying results for Super GT

So Lexus failed in the GT500 so far as well as Nuburgring

I think there's something wrong this season
Another thing I forgot to mention. The Blancpain GT Series entrance is one of the biggest moves Lexus has made. It has made them a huge player among the "big boy" cars that come from Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Bentley. Currently, they need to do plenty of work in terms of the championships but they're still doing a commendable job. Still, they need to win it all. Go Lexus!
I've never followed the Lexus racing program in recent years since I am a WRC guy. Could someone summarize how well the RC fares in GT racing?

GT500 is just stupid. I couldn't care less about silouette cars especially when there's no obligatory road homologation.
I've never followed the Lexus racing program in recent years since I am a WRC guy. Could someone summarize how well the RC fares in GT racing.
The RC F GT3 program looks to be picking up steam:
  • After a season and a half with little success, 3GT Racing won their first IMSA race this month.
  • The European program had more success, and was competitive in VLN in 2016 and the GT Open in 2017. Emil Frey Racing is now in the Blancpain GT series, a considerably more prestigious championship, and have managed a third place finish in four races this year.
  • The RC F GT3 in Japan has really struggled, but a newly formed team with SuperGT legend Morio Nitta just finished first in this weekend's race.
This could just be a string of good luck, but hopefully the teams on all three continents will continue to be competitive. I know the first place finish by 3GT has energized my interest.