Lexus Presents National Parking Photography Series

Lexus RX National Parking

Lexus USA has teamed up with two adventure photographers to create National Parking, a series that pairs U.S. National Parks with the brand’s hybrid crossovers.

Photographer Aaron Brimhall travelled to Yosemite National Park with the NX 300h:

“We were met by a park ranger who gave us access to parts of the park people don’t normally see, and we got some amazing shots of the NX against the stunning backdrop,” Aaron told Lexus Enthusiast over email.

“We loved getting to test the capabilities of the NX on smooth winding mountain roads, dirt hills, and snowy paths. Safe to say the trip was a success.”

Alen Palander, a Toronto-based photographer focusing on travel and exploration, chose the RX 450h for his trip to Zion National Park:

In an email interview, Alen detailed his trip through Zion. “We took the hybrid deep into the elements amidst some of the most unique rock formations I’ve seen in my life. It felt very natural to be driving the hybrid through all of that nature, often without burning an ounce of gasoline.”

“If you ever get a chance to visit, I highly recommend the park’s mountain road, and definitely venture out into the surrounding areas as well – the sunsets are next-level.”

The LC being the best modern designed car (so leave that out) the RX is my favorite Lexus in terms of design. A pity it is FWD.