Lexus Opens Experience Center in Downtown Tokyo Skyscraper

Lexus Meets Tokyo Skyscraper

Lexus has opened a new brand experience center in a Tokyo skyscraper, with luxury goods for sale, food to eat, and cars to test-drive:

Hans Greimel from Automotive News visited the lounge this weekend:

Its strategy is to lure in high-rolling housewives and beautiful people with a panoply of designer goods, and hope they finish their visit test driving a Lexus vehicle.

The items on sale give a sense of the status Lexus is pursuing. How about a titanium vacuum-insulated beer mug for ¥24,840 ($235)? Or a $358 umbrella? Or maybe a $95 gardening trowel. Yes, for digging in the dirt.

The goal is not so much to sell the merchandise, but to have its aura rub off on Lexus.

The Lexus Meets… facility is now open in Tokyo’s Midtown Hibiya (Yurakucho 1 in Chiyoda Ward).