Yup, that's the stuff.
Those wheel arches may have been a bit exaggerated for the 'normal' version,
but that is the way it should be.
No plastic and in the same body color, just a little bit of patience and we also like the UX ;).
The production version bears the family resemblance of the NX shrunken down a bit. The VIP Auto Salon is more like the original concept and lowered significantly. Sedans are going the way of the Dodo so this model will add some youth to the lineup giving Lexus a direct competitor to the BMW X1. What does BMW do? Bring out an X2. I think the 2019 US sales race between these nameplates will be very exciting. Mercedes Benz still commands a large lead. VW is trying to leapfrog Tesla by buying up the battery capacity in China. Cobalt prices should skyrocket. The UX Hybrid will be a good fit for the European market. Diesel bad, Hybrid good.
I love this. Adds a nice dose of interest to the crossover -- though it does look like a hatchback here. CT for life!