Lexus to Release 65-Foot Luxury Yacht in 2019

Lexus LF-1 Sport Yacht Concept

Lexus has announced plans to release a premium yacht incorporating the design of last year’s Sport Yacht concept. This wild news was delivered by Toyota executive vice president Shigeki Tomoyama at the Japan International Boat Show:

“Based on our amazing experiences in engineering, building, testing and showing the Lexus Sport Yacht concept last year, we’ve decided to take the next bold step of producing an all-new larger yacht that builds on the advanced nature of the concept while adding more comfort and living space,” Tomoyama said.

“We plan to start sales in the U.S. in the latter half of 2019, with sales in Japan following in the spring of 2020.”

The new yacht will be built by Marquis-Larson in Wisconsin, and will be a large 65-foot cruiser with “luxury staterooms below deck and entertaining space for up to 15 guests”.

Here’s a photo of the 65-foot Sea Ray L650 Fly for some context:

Lexus Sea Ray L650 Fly

Specifications, pricing and other details of the 65-foot yacht will be announced at a later date.