Lexus LS Chief Designer Explains His Creative Process


Prestige Online has a charming interview with Lexus LS chief designer Koichi Suga:

So how does the veteran designer with 30 years of experience decide on the best design? It would seem his trick is to sketch on Post-it notes. “I used to always draw and sketch on a big piece of paper. There is no deep thinking involved with that.”

Suga-san believes that within a big idea, you need to zoom in on certain elements to perfect it. He uses professional skating as an example. “My wife loves ice-skating so she and I would watch it on TV all the time but it’s hard to understand what the difference between a high score and low score is. They do it so smoothly but the height of a jump and the littlest of technique make that difference. So having small Post-it notes give me restriction – to sketch accordingly and if I don’t have enough space, I have to think about the lines, ways to simplify or draw it completely differently. It’s a way to challenge myself. I use both sides of my brain this way!”