Production Lexus LF-1 Limitless Crossover Could Get Three Row Option


The production model of the Lexus LF-1 Limitless concept could have a three-row option, according to a WardsAuto interview with Lexus USA general manager Jeff Bracken:

In a hot CUV market, “we absolutely need this vehicle,” Bracken says of the LF-1.

“Utility vehicles were 65% of the U.S. market for the year and 72% in December, so they are going higher.”

The concept vehicle holds two rows and four seats. No decision has been made whether the automaker would fit a potential production version with three rows.

“We’d strongly evaluate those kinds of matters should we go down that path of production,” Bracken says.

Compared to the current LX 570, the LF-1 concept is 2.6 inches shorter, but with an extra 4.9 inches of wheelbase. There’s certainly enough room for a third row. In fact, Lexus is employing a new strategy with both the RX & LX by offering both a two-row and a three-row version.

(That said, I feel strongly that the production LF-1 deserves a similar setup to the concept, with four seats and plenty of room. It would be disappointing to see a bench backseat.)