Lexus LS: Fourth Generation

Black Lexus LS 500 F SPORT with Body Kit from TRD Japan


TRD Japan recently displayed their new body kit for the 2018 Lexus LS 500 F SPORT, and there’s definitely something to like here. The LS and its black exterior blend in nicely with the aero parts — I especially like the 21-inch wheels.

If anything, the rear looks busy with the trunk lip and the giant rear diffuser. If anything, I would drop that little spoiler:


As a reminder on price, the body kit including the sports muffler is ¥660,000 ($5,830 USD). It’s the wheels where it gets really expensive — the 20-inch version will retail for ¥652,000 ($5,760 USD), and the 21-inch wheels are an eye-watering ¥684,000 ($6,040 USD). As far as I know, these kits are only available in Japan.

This car is way too sexy. The haters can kiss my ass
Historically, some of the Artisan Spirits stuff I've seen is overstyled and gaudy.... but this... this is beautiful. I love it! it's very clean and elegant.
Imagine this in Black with chrome wheels...
That is VIP at its finest!
I can't ever remember a body kit getting this kind of response from the Lexus faithful. AS has a hit on their hands!
Dang that's gorgeous! Love it.
Very tasteful!
I love the normal TRD kit more than this lower suspension VIP version
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  • October 22, 2017
I can't ever remember a body kit getting this kind of response from the Lexus faithful. AS has a hit on their hands!
To be fair, the TRD kits for the LC and 5LS also got lots of praise here ;).
I like how the side skirts echo the Art Deco/Machine Age lines leading out of the vents on the dashboard, but overall I don't think it's quite as cohesive as the Artisan Spirits kit.
TRD beats itself with the upgrade of this LS and the LC
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  • November 1, 2017
Anyone know the starting price of the LS460? Today they released the Package pricing to dealers and you can preorder as of now but they don't say a starting price? 34k for the executive package :eek:
LS460 is the outgoing model. I assume you mean the 2018 LS500? If so, base will be around $75,000 I think, not much more than the current car.

If you'd like to drop any other package prices and details we're all ears :-)
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  • November 2, 2017
oh boy cant believe I called it the 460.. going to be hard getting to use to the 500 and 300 replacing the 200t they are rolling out now. but they are taking preorders in the US now. Interior upgrade package will be 9k and the luxury package will be 25k. Not sure if this is the price lexus will keep it at but even more interesting is the Dynamic Nav (real time updates from the cloud for the Nav) and Wifi from verizon going into the RC, NX, and LS. Also the dynamic voice recognition in these cars can give siri a run for her money. But I was trying to argue the 70k starting point and everyone thinks it is going to be a halo 100k+ car. I will know more after my trip to atlanta in a week.
2018 Lexus LS 500 Body Kit from Wald International


There's going to be plenty of options out there for the LS owner.
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A damn fine execution. Round of applause for Wald on this one.
A damn fine execution. Round of applause for Wald on this one.
There’s something that just works with the LS and body kits. Anyone that wants to customize their car is in for a hell of a treat.
Here's another Lexus LS body kit from AimGAIN:

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Another winner body kit for the new LS. It really does seem amenable to them, as krew suggested.

This one's great except I don't like the wheels.
Takemi's LS looks great, he always makes clean aero parts so I'm sure that is coming soon.
Takemi's LS looks nice and fresh.
That is perfection!!!
Love it!