Still No Plans for Second-Generation Lexus LFA: The 2018 Edition


Carbuzz spoke to Lexus USA General Manager Jeff Bracken about the possibility of a second-generation LFA supercar:

“We need more halo representation. We hear often from our dealers if we can have an LFA follow-up,” Bracken said. “So you never know. But [the LFA] was just so out there in terms of technology, power and handling. I wouldn’t rule it out. I think that when we hear so many emotional and high number of requests for a follow-up to LFA, we certainly won’t ignore that. It’s not a closed door.”

“Just as the LF-LC concept came out in 2012, there was so much positive feedback from the media, public and dealers that we did make the decision to go ahead and build it. And we were able to make the production car (the LC) look very much like the concept.”

Bracken is hardly committing to a timeline here, despite the overall excitement of the original article (Title: “Lexus LFA Successor Is A Very Real Possibility”). If the LF-1 Limitless concept becomes a production model and there are LC F or LS F high-performance variants, Lexus will have the high-end market properly saturated. There’s no real need for a second-generation LFA at this time.

Lexus executives have stated repeatedly there are no plans to build a second-generation LFA. This is a story I have to write every six months.

(The above photo is from Mecum Auctions.)