Next-Generation Lexus Autonomous Driving Vehicle to Debut at CES

Lexus LS 600hL Automated Driving

The next-generation of Toyota automated driving research vehicles will debut at CES next week in Las Vegas. The new Platform 3.0 is built using a Lexus LS 600hL, and combines upgraded sensors with a sleek new look from CALTY Design Research:

Production of Platform 3.0 vehicles will begin this spring:

A share of the new test vehicles will be assembled with the dual cockpit control layout that TRI debuted last summer. This arrangement is for testing TRI’s Guardian approach to automated driving, experimenting with effective methods to transfer vehicle control between the human test driver and the automated system while maintaining a safety driver as a backup.

Single cockpit vehicles, like the one on display at CES, are used to test Chauffeur, which is TRI’s approach to full vehicle automation.

(This is a major step for autonomous vehicles for both Lexus and Toyota — the full press release includes plenty of technical detail for those interested.)