Still No Plans for Second-Generation Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Successor

Lexus has no plans to build a second-generation LFA supercar, according to an Autocar interview with Lexus president Yoshihiro Sawa:

“I really want to do an LFA successor, and it is important to have dreams, but for now it is a very complicated situation,” said Sawa. “It’s a very difficult question to answer as I would like to do it, but we have other priorities for now.”

These priorities will include bringing two SUVs to production: the UX as a rival to the Audi Q3, BMW X1 and Mercedes-Benz GLA, and a seven-seat version of the RX to rival the Range Rover Sport for versatility and luxury.

In a way, a second-generation LFA would miss the point — the supercar was less a production model and more a statement of intent, showing the world where the Lexus was going next. There’s no escaping its influence, even models like the NX share design cues with the LFA.

Lexus now has the LC 500, and there’s a very clear trajectory to transform the car into a high-performance flagship coupe, all at a price significantly lower than the LFA’s $375k USD price tag.

Lexus doesn’t need another model that collects dust on showroom floors and temperature-controlled garages. It needs a car that will be seen on highways and racetracks around the world. The LFA will always be something special, but as Sawa-san explains, there are “other priorities for now”. And rightfully so.

(Also, I doubt Lexus is targeting the Range Rover Sport with the RX-L, no matter what Autocar thinks.)