New Fifth-Generation Lexus LS 500 to Start Around $75,000 in USA

Lexus LS 500 Pricing

Lexus has announced the all-new fifth-generation LS flagship sedan will start around $75,000 in the United States, up from the $73,500 base price of the existing model.

This additional cost will be offset by new standard features, though exact details have yet to be released. It’s also expected that 70% of all LS sales will come in below $80,000 before individual options are added. Pricing for the LS will max out at approximately $100,000 for a fully loaded model.

Other interesting details — Lexus forecasts that the LS will sell approximately 1,000 units per month in the USA, with the F SPORT package accounting for 20% of sales and the LS hybrid at 10%.