Lexus to Hold Virtual Reality Press Conference at Frankfurt Motor Show


Lexus will be pioneering a new type of press conference at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September — instead of the usual presentation by a Lexus executive on the show floor, journalists will be able to experience a virtual reality “press conference on demand”:

Accredited journalists are able to call at the Lexus stand at any time during the press days. After introducing themselves at the welcome desk, they will be given a pair of augmented reality glasses – the Microsoft HoloLens.

A virtual reality host will then guide them around the stand, viewing the exhibits while seeing and hearing speeches and insights from virtual speakers, together with information graphics, 3D animations and video content. The effect is similar to a car’s head-up display, in which information is projected on the windscreen within the driver’s field of vision.

The content, including the speeches by Alain Uyttenhoven, Head of Lexus Europe, and Lexus product specialists, is the same for each user. It includes a welcome from the communications team, information on the new CT and NX models, an update on Lexus’ business performance and a look ahead to what is coming next for the brand. In all, the presentation takes just 10 minutes.

Just hours after I posted my article cited above, Lexus Europe issued a followup news release that better explains the "virtual press conference" concept:

I have updated and expanded my article to show this as well.
Different just for the sake of being different, I guess. Thanks for your write up and overview though!
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A "press conference on demand" by use of the Microsoft Hololens.
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Different just for the sake of being different, I guess. Thanks for your write up and overview though!
I don't really see it that way.

Everything is going "on demand". Nobody is ditching the traditional pressers anytime soon but it only makes sense for an automaker to start doing this and getting feedback. Traditional and AR pressers can co-exist and they probably will going forward.

Glad it was Lexus, they are really putting a lot of marketing dollars into building their brand and it shows with all of the sponsorships and side projects they have going on.