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2018 Lexus CT F SPORT Body Kit from TRD Japan

Lexus CT 200h F SPORT TRD

TRD Japan has announced a body kit for the freshly updated 2018 Lexus CT 200h — here are both the standard and Black editions:

Broken down, the set is a front spoiler, side skirts, tail light spoilers and a full rear diffuser and sports muffler set. There are also two additional underbody technical parts — front aero spats to improve aerodynamics and a member brace to increase rigidity:

As for price, the body kit including the muffler set is ¥273,000 ($2,500 USD) — add the underbody parts at ¥63,000 ($580 USD) and the 18-inch forged aluminum wheels at ¥352,000 ($3,230 USD), and you’re looking at some very expensive modifications to the entry-level Lexus.

(Currently offered in Japan, no word on availability in other regions.)

A bit too much... less would be more here. Also not feeling the multi-spoke wheels.
Can we please take TRD Japan as far away from Lexus as possible? Yikes!
Have to agree this kit completely over the top - the more so considering the DNA of this car at best a moderately brisk Hybrid.
I'd put some Work Wheels (not sure which one yet) instead. This hatch is so bland I don't care if this is over the top. Makes it look better imo with proper lowering and wheels.
A bit overdone, but I still like it! I really wish the refreshed CT was offered in the US :pensive: