Student Designs Stunning Lexus Coupe Concept

Lexus Concept Esa Must

Here is a Lexus concept by Esa Mustonen, a transportation design student in Lahti, Finland — after stumbling across this design on the Lexus Manila Facebook page, I asked Esa about his stunning coupe:

I love the current Lexus design language and I think one of the best looking cars at the moment is the LC500. So I wanted to have a go and try to design a Lexus concept myself. I wanted to try and soften the aggressive/striking Lexus lines they have currently on the cars. Also tried to keep the front relatively simple.

With the side I tried some unusual and futuristic lines with 2 main surfaces, the rear and the front surface.

This was an evolution of Esa’s earlier five-door coupe design from 2014, which we can watch him illustrate in this video:

Lexus Concept