Student Designs Stunning Lexus Coupe Concept

Here is a Lexus concept by Esa Mustonen, a transportation design student in Lahti, Finland — after stumbling across this design on the Lexus Manila Facebook page, I asked Esa about his stunning coupe:

I love the current Lexus design language and I think one of the best looking cars at the moment is the LC500. So I wanted to have a go and try to design a Lexus concept myself. I wanted to try and soften the aggressive/striking Lexus lines they have currently on the cars. Also tried to keep the front relatively simple.

With the side I tried some unusual and futuristic lines with 2 main surfaces, the rear and the front surface.

This was an evolution of Esa’s earlier five-door coupe design from 2014, which we can watch him illustrate in this video:

Lexus Concept

It really is beautiful. Stretch it just a tad for the 5 GS :)
Stunning no other word even the spindle grille looks good - would Toyota /Lexus have the nerve to build something as dramatically special as this? I would like to think so - they certainly have the resources a real challenge to the Panamera a model above the LS?
What are you waiting for Lexus, Give this student a Job! I like that the rear of the Vehicle almost looks like it can be the front of the Vehicle. :)
It's a bit too derivative of the TRON light cycles for my tastes, but you could get a pretty stunning production car out of this even if you gave it more realistic wheels and an actual greenhouse.
Lexus should use Esa's design for the next generation of the RC couple.
It reminds me of a Audi A7. Make it real and we'll have a real 5-door on our hands.