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Photo Gallery: The Lexus LC 500 & Lexus LFA Together

Lexus LC & Lexus LFA Together

Open Road Lexus in British Columbia brought together a 2018 Lexus LC 500, a Lexus LFA supercar, and photographer Marcel Lech for one glorious photoshoot — let’s start off with photos of the Infrared LC 500:

Next up, the now-classic white LFA:

Saving the best for last, here are the two Lexus coupes side-by-side:

As a special bonus, there’s even some video footage of the LFA & LC having a rev-off:

Absolutely the BEST!
Not only is the LC made in the same (Motomachi?) factory as the LFA but apparently at least 1 part on the LC is from the LFA, a bolt that is exposed on the door panel. Pretty cool.
love it! Lexus is continuing to excite :)
Really dope stuff by Open Road Lexus.