Sponsor: Bezalel iPhone Case for In-Car Wireless Charging

Lexus Bezalel Wireless Chargin Case

Lexus recently introduced an in-car wireless charging feature in their newest vehicle models. The wireless charging tray uses the Qi standard and readily works with certain Android phones that come with built-in wireless charging capabilities. However, if you use an unsupported Android phone or an iPhone, the only way to get wireless charging is with a patch or adapter.

One solution is the wireless charging iPhone case like the Latitude by Bezalel:

The Latitude is a universal wireless charging case that makes your iPhone compatible with two of the most widely supported wireless charging standards: Qi and PMA. Most wireless charging accessories are only compatible with one specific standard, but the Latitude’s innovative dual-mode technology allows users to utilize both Qi and PMA wireless charging spots, depending on what is available.

Created with both style and function in mind, the Latitude is sleek and ergonomically designed to provide comfort and convenience. It also has a flexible and ultra-durable Lightning cable connector to make it easier to use EarPods with a Lightning connector or to sync and and even charge your device the non-wireless way. The case has also undergone ultra-precise double injection manufacturing to make it ultra-durable and provide superior protection for your iPhone.

How to Enable Wireless Charging for iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 models in your Lexus

The Latitude was designed to work with the latest iPhone models, from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Setup is easy -— all you have to do is snap it onto your iPhone, and then follow the steps outlined below:

  • Open the center console compartment beside the driver’s seat.
  • Check if your car’s power is turned on.
  • Hit the ‘Power’ button on the charging station.
  • Wait for the indicator light to turn green to signify that the charging tray is now ready for charging.
  • Place your phone in the tray and wait for the light to turn orange.
  • Wait for the light to turn green, which signifies that the phone has finished charging.

The Latitude for iPhone 6/7 comes with a magnetic alignment feature that guides your phone to the most optimum charging position, making wireless charging in your Lexus vehicle easy.

Apart from simply allowing you to charge your phone without a cable, the Latitude also allows you to maximize the other features of your vehicle’s wireless charging compartment. These features include the ability to stream music or listen to a playlist from your phone’s music library while your iPhone is in the wireless charging tray. You can also make or take calls while your iPhone is in the compartment.

The Lexus bluetooth technology makes all of these added capabilities possible, which in turn allows you to enjoy an elevated user experience.

Thank goodness my Android phones from the past 6 years have had wireless charging built into the devices. Haha
Thats pretty cool.