Lexus LS: First Generation

Lexus History: Allard P4 Prototype Based on Original LS 400 Up for Sale


A truly unique piece of Lexus history has been put up for sale on eBay — this 1992 Allard P4 is the only remaining prototype of an abandoned partnership that would have seen British sports car company Allard sell a reskinned version of the original LS 400. Here’s more from Bring a Trailer:

A truly bizarre story involves the grand old British sports car company and Toyota negotiating a deal in which first-generation LS400’s would be sold as Allards in an effort to capitalize on the reborn company’s J2X Group C prototype. Unfortunately both efforts were destined to fail, leaving only a few racers and this lightly re-styled (but seemingly otherwise unmodified) Lexus as reminders.

According to the ad, negotiations were going well between the two companies, but for some reason the deal ultimately fell flat.

Mechanically the car is an LS 400, but with a reworked front and rear design. The interior was also adjusted, with random pieces of red leather sprinkled throughout the cabin.

The Allard P4 is currently on sale in Hemel Hempstead, England for £10,000 ($12,900 USD). You can learn more about this unusual vehicle on eBay.