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Rumor: Next-Generation Lexus CT Hatchback This Year?


Taiwanese website U-Car is reporting that Lexus will release a next-generation CT hatchback as early as this year — here’s a paraphrased translation:

The market was once thought Lexus intended to replace the existing CT 200h with a new crossover. However, according to overseas media reports, Lexus did not actually stop the development of a new generation of the CT 200h, and the new car is expected in August 2017 will be listed.

Even if Lexus has not yet disclosed information about a next-generation CT 200h, we have learned that it will use the Toyota New Global Architecture chassis…The next-generation CT 200h is expected to use the 4th generation Toyota Prius hybrid electric power system.

As U-Car mentions, the prevailing rumor has been thatthe CT would be replaced by a sub-compact crossover — however, a story last year from Japanese magazine Best Car claimed that both the hatchback and a crossover would be offered at the same time.

Simply put, there’s no cutting through the noise when it comes to the next-generation CT — there are rumors in every direction. Let’s take a different tactic, what do you think Lexus should do to fill the entry-level position in the lineup?

Please note, the above rendering is from Omniauto and not an official photo.