Toyota President Akio Toyoda Profiled in Automotive News

Lexus Akio Toyoda

Hans Greimel of Automotive News has written a profile on Toyota President & Lexus Chief Branding Officer Akio Toyoda:

He spent six years perfecting his feel for the car under the tutelage of Toyota’s revered master test driver, the late Hiromu Naruse. Toyoda holds the company’s top-ranked S-class internal driving license. Insiders call him “Top Gun.”

Toyoda, who as a boy aspired to be a taxi driver, assumes a split personality as car-crazed CEO. In the office, he is Chief Executive Toyoda, Japan Inc. champion and grandson of the founder. On the track, he is Morizo, the nom de guerre emblazoned on his helmet and car.

(There’s also a companion piece from Griemel that covers the Toyota Five Continents Drive, an epic seven-year test-drive initiative that has only just finished.)

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