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Review: Lawrence Ulrich on the Lexus LC Coupe

Lexus LC 500 The Drive

Lost in the shuffle of the holidays was this fun Lexus LC review from Lawrence Ulrich of The Drive:

In a track presentation before our drive, Lexus says the LC’s design “pursues an avant garde image with a fusion of dynamic proportions and luxury coupe elegance.” For once, the word salad tossed out at a manufacturer introduction—typically, ripe claims tossed with GMO-generic adjectives—is actually spot-on. The Lexus looks more show car than showroom model, and its stunning lines drew non-stop admiration on the streets of Seville. Even Lexus’ much-maligned spindle grille works in this context.

For any luxury brand, a flagship coupe is less about sales than image and reputation. The LC sits on an impressively raised pedestal, yet it’s exactly the kind of car Lexus should keep building, the inspiration for even its most-affordable and practical models. If that happens, even BMW and Mercedes may not stop Lexus from reclaiming the American luxury sales title it held for years.