Dan Neil Reviews the 2018 Lexus LC 500

Lexus LC 500 Dan Neil

Dan Neil has reviewed the Lexus LC 500 for The Wall Street Journal with his usual heavy-handed wordplay:

The six-figure GT coupe market isn’t hotly contested these days, and if you read no further, please know I think the LC 500 takes the stuffings out of anything in this category. The interior is gorgeous—nobly appointed, serene in space and design, with smart tech deposed in a stitched-leather landscape with dull-silver streams and suede door gussets shaped like dune ridges.

The LC 500 courses through mid-speed corners like a boss, granite solid, thoroughly planted, with plenty of rubber and a super-profundity of stance. The e-assist steering feel is hefty and connected. When the six-pot calipers sweetly bite those big front rotors, LC has no trouble dancing into a corner on its anti-lock toes.

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